Records that may be of interest for people seeking Radzimski/Radziemski's ancestors:

Through an mutual effort and close collaboration with Bernard Radzimski from Opole, we were able to assembly several lineages with hundreds of records, that are going back to period from ~1750 to 1800. Those are genealogical trees listing descendants of:

These lineages are supported with original documents related to birth, marriage or death of the ancestors. These lineages were identified using church and most recently on-line records being provided by the Polish government. 


Record Examples: 

Pawel mariage

Marriage record in Latin from Sługocinek dated November 12, 1786 of  Pawel Radziemski and Elżbieta Mikołayczak. Please note that this record lists only first names, that is typical for this period of time.

1834 ur. Jadwiga Radzimska

Birth record in Polish from Linne near Dobra dated September 17, 1834 of Jadwiga Radzimska.

1873 zm. Barbara Radzimska

Death record in Russian from Dobra near Turek dated August 24, 1873 of  Barbara Radzimski. 


Radzimski, Radziemski, or maybe something else? 

Registration of births, marriages and deaths in Poland in earlier times was done mainly by the Catholic Church. Unfortunately written documents were not issued to families so all the facts, including names, were mainly remembered phonetically. During a registration, a priest or designated person recorded the names as they were told. As a result, a name was written in different forms depending on who wrote it. In addition, our ancestors didn’t know how to read and write, therefore could not validate the record. We can find many examples of this in genealogical trees of Radzimski and Radziemskis’ families. Here, we  illustrate this case using Mikołaj from Mikulice near Dobra in Turek county.  

1839 malz. Mikolaj Radzimski

In his marriage recordings from 1839 his name is Mikołaj Radzimek. 

1842 ur. Magdalena Radzimska

A few years later in the 1842 birth record of his daughter Magdalena he is listed as Radziemski. 

1862 ur. Maryanna Radzimska 810695 copy

In 1862 he is Radzimski in the birth record of another daughter Maryanna, but in 1865 his name is Radziemek in the birth record of his son Tomasz. 

1827 ur.Nepomucen Radziemski

A similar story is with his descendants. Their names changed often until 1902, when Stefan was born who is Mikołaj’s grandson and son of Tomasz. He was recorded as Radzimski and since then the entire family is using this last name. 

In conclusion, it was most likely a simple coincidence that this last name was recorded at the times when first certificates were issued to the families. 


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