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The goal of this site is to be a connecting platform for all people around the world who are related in any way with Radzimski or Radziemski name.

What connects us all is a well documented story about the origin of the Radzimski/Radziemski family lineage.   According to historical documents it starts with Maćko Borkowic, General of Wielkopolska who lived in Poland in XIV century, and the coat of arms Napiwoń.

While at the present time, it is difficult to make a direct forward connection between Maćko‘s family with any person living today, we are aware of several Polish genealogy trees with actual records going backwards from the present day to about 1760. The Short History page will give you more details in relation to this story. 

We hope that this site will help to enhance this story and to connect various Radzimski/Radziemski’s families through common ancestors. 


- Interesting offer regarding a ceramic version of Coat of the Arms Napiwon, can be found on “ Find People” page. 

- Learn about Notable Ancestors on new page. We invites everyone to post information about our ancestors that you are proud of. Enter information through Contact Us page.